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Dr. Jake Vonfeldt is committed to serving people with complex and chronic health issues by utilizing science-based natural methods that address the whole person. His goal is to deliver highly personalized treatment while forming caring and collaborative relationships with patients to empower them on their journey back to health.


To transform how healthcare is performed in the 21st century by bringing an exceptional level of care, convenience, and attention to detail that addresses the unique needs of each individual patient.
To shift the disease-centered, symptom-based model of healthcare towards a patient-centered model that emphasizes long-term health, prevention, and well-being.


Thoroughness. By providing an extraordinary level of attention to detail, every aspect of a patient’s health is analyzed and taken into consideration.
Holistic. Patients are recognized as complex beings with multi-faceted lives that are deeply interconnected to their health. Patients are seen as much more than just a list of symptoms.
Integrity. Upholding the most evidence-based, clinically necessary treatments along with adhering to the principles of honesty, transparency, and professionalism will always be a top priority.
Compassion. A caring and supportive environment where patients can feel heard and understood.
Collaboration. Involving patients in the healthcare process and forming partnerships with them to identify solutions they find both desirable and rewarding.

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