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Meet the Doctor

Functional Medicine Practitioner

"Hi, I'm Dr. Jake, and I believe that you deserve more from your healthcare system." 

Doctor Jake Vonfeldt

Doctor Jake Vonfeldt, D.C., M.S. is a board-certified physician specializing in functional medicine. He earned his doctorate and human biology degrees from Cleveland University - Kansas City. His functional medicine training is highlighted by a Master of Science degree in human nutrition and functional medicine from the University of Western States.

His greatest passion is helping people improve their health and quality of life. He chose to become a functional medicine doctor while working with patients in an outpatient university setting and noticing the need for improved chronic disease care. He believes the best way to improve chronic health issues is to address the root cause with a patient-centered, evidence-based approach.
In addition to being a clinician, he is driven to improve the field of functional and integrative medicine through education and research. To help make this happen, he contributes as a lecturer at the University of Integrated Health and as a researcher at the Ruscio Institute.

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