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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept insurance?
    Insurance companies place many restrictions on doctors, which makes it difficult to provide the best care possible. SunCoast Functional Medicine does not accept any form of insurance, including Medicare/Medicaid. Patients find that the out-of-pocket expenses at SunCoast are well worth the investment to achieve better health and quality of life.
  • Can you be my primary care physician?
    No. Doctor Jake provides functional medicine consultations to patients all over the United States via phone and video calls. Therefore, he is unable to establish an in-person Doctor Patient Relationship. He does not prescribe medications or diagnose conventional medical conditions. He recommends that the patients he works with see a conventional primary care provider so they can receive the best of both conventional and functional medicine. His functional medicine training and expertise allow him to focus on addressing the underlying cause of health issues. His approach utilizes natural, scientifically supported treatments that are gentle, safe, and practical.
  • Where is your practice located?
    SunCoast's services are available wherever you are! Appointments with Dr. Jake are conducted through face-to-face video conferencing or telephone calls. Patients love this format because they can be seen right from the comfort of their home or office, saving time and money. Doctor Jake uses a detailed intake form, lab testing, and thorough clinical assessment to evaluate your health and determine his treatment recommendations.
  • Is telehealth right for me?
    All visits at SunCoast take place via phone or video call. Patients love this approach because it provides convenience and comfort while still maintaining a sense of close connection with the doctor. It also gives people from all over the country access to SunCoast's services. The telehealth software Dr. Jake uses allows him to share protocols and other helpful handouts with you. You can also message him with any questions you may have between appointments, so you'll always feel like you have someone advocating for your health. If any lab testing is needed, Dr. Jake can refer you to the nearest LabCorp location for a blood draw. Certain test kits can also be shipped directly to your home to obtain a sample, and then promptly shipped back.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of consultations are as follows: First Consultation (health assessment) = $99 (Money back guarantee) Second Consultation (customized health plan) = $199 Follow-ups (scheduled as needed) = $119 SunCoast does not require paying for a monthly membership or subscription. Lab testing costs vary from patient to patient, and the amount of testing recommended depends on each person's particular case. A safe estimate of lab testing costs ranges from $0 to $500, whereas other clinics often recommend $1000-$3000+ of testing. Doctor Jake avoids using unnecessary labs. Additionally, he is able to work with you if you are unable to pay for labs. Patients are responsible for the cost of supplements. Doctor Jake will not overwhelm you with countless supplements.
  • How do I get started?
    The quickest way to get started is to fill out our health questionnaire by clicking here. Doctor Jake also offers a free 15-minute discovery call for people who are considering becoming a patient but would like to speak directly with him first. To book that, click here.
  • How do I know if you can help me get better?
    To determine if functional medicine is right for you, Dr. Jake offers a free 15-minute discovery call. The call allows him to get an understanding of what your health concerns are, and decide if he is the right fit for your situation. He does not work with patients unless he thinks he can help them get better. To book the free 15-minute call, click here.
  • How long does it take to start feeling better?
    This varies from patient to patient. Many patients notice improvement within a week, while other may take a little longer. All of this depends on your individual case and how many factors are reinforcing your health problems. Doctor Jake's goal is to get you feeling better as soon as possible and provide you with strategies to help you stay well on your own. Once you do start feeling better, he does recommend you schedule an appointment periodically to make sure you are maintaining optimal function.
  • What problems do you treat?
    There are a variety of chronic health issues that respond favorably to functional medicine. Some of the more common issues include gastrointestinal, thyroid, hormonal, and autoimmune conditions. Please note that Dr. Jake does not "treat" these conditions, but rather focuses on addressing diet and lifestyle factors that are known to contribute to chronic symptoms.
  • Do you treat pathological disease?
    Dr. Jake doesn't treat disease; he provides evidence-based recommendations for patients who may or may not have an already diagnosed condition to help address numerous factors that influence health. Pathological disease requires a trained specialist who can prescribe drugs or surgery. For patients with a diagnosed condition, recommendations that help aid in the recovery process and support and/or optimize bodily function will be given.
  • Who can benefit from Functional Medicine?
    The typical functional medicine patient is someone who has chronic symptoms and doesn't feel well. Functional medicine patients often have seen other doctors for their health concerns, but haven't received the results they want. Other people who can benefit from functional medicine include those who prefer a natural approach to their health, and those who simply would like to optimize their health.
  • Should I take my medications while seeing you?
    Yes. You should always follow your primary care doctor's recommendations. It is possible that the treatments Dr. Jake recommends will improve your health to the point that you can reduce the dosage of your medication. If this happens, Dr. Jake will work with you and your primary doctor to develop a safe and effective strategy to reduce your medications.
  • How does lab testing work?
    At the end of the First Consultation, patients may be recommended some lab testing to help assess their health status. Doctor Jake can order standard lab testing through LabCorp as well as specialty lab tests that can be shipped directly to patients. Lab tests can become very expensive, so Dr. Jake makes it a point to avoid recommending any lab tests that he doesn't think will directly influence his treatment recommendations. Lab testing is not mandatory, and patients can opt to try an empiric approach based on Dr. Jake's best clinical judgement.
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